Ultra-quick and cost-effective repair services for your iPod!

Many people carry their iPods around with them wherever they go. While iPods can make a great companion this way, they will always be subject to moisture and vibration. Worse still, if used when exercising, an iPod can easily get damaged or broken in an accident.

If your iPod is broken, damaged or not functioning properly, then its time to head to the experts at FoneBox. We've been repairing iPods for our customers since 2005, and we've followed the evolution of iPods closely. Thanks to this, we can effectively repair most issues with iPods!

iPod Repairs

Our technicians have experience in repairing a range of problems with different iPod models. Currently, we offer the following iPod repair services in Bedford:

- Water damage repairs

- Rear and front case repairs

- Battery replacement

- Software upgrades

- Touchscreen, front glass and LCD repairs

- Click-wheel, volume button and home button repairs

- Bezel/chrome surround replacements

- Charging connector/dock repairs

- Headphone jack repairs

- Loudspeaker repairs

- Power issues

Regardless of which iPod model you have, we can repair these issues with ease. In case you are unsure of the problem, or you need to repair some other issue, please get in touch with us directly.

How it works

At FoneBox, we're here to make iPod repairs in Bedford easy, affordable and hassle-free. We're proud to offer cheap and reliable iPod repair services, and we'll get your iPod fixed and working in no time at all!

When you bring your damaged or broken iPod to us, we'll assess the condition of your device and offer you a free, no obligation quote. For most repairs, we will have your iPod fixed in a day's time. In case more time is needed, we'll do our best to repair your iPod as soon as we can.

We carry repairs for both software and hardware issues. For hardware replacements, we use only genuine iPod parts. We don't just fix iPods - we restore them to industry standard condition.

And, our iPod repair services are backed by a warranty, so you know that your device has been properly repaired. If you experience further problems after repair during this warranty, we'll repair your iPod for free.

FoneBox is your best bet for high quality, affordable and speedy iPod repairs in Bedford. So, get your faulty iPod and drop by our store today!

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