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Most people don't consider backing up the data on their computers. While this is fine, there are still times when you will need to back up or transfer data from your computer. This will happen if you've just purchased a new computer and you need to transfer all your old files from your old computer. Also, if your computer doesn't boot or fails to start-up, you'll need to transfer data to another computer.

Data transfer can be troublesome, especially if you're not tech savvy and you don't know too much about computers. Many service providers will also charge you handsomely for transferring data from an old computer, especially if it doesn't boot. However, you'll find none of that here at FoneBox.

FoneBox is a reputed provider of computer repair services in Bedford. We offer a whole range of repair services, including data transfer services. And, we're proud to offer reliable, speedy and affordable data transfer services.

Data Transfer Services

We've successfully transferred data to different computers for our customers since 2005. Regardless of whether your old computer boots or not, we can attempt to transfer data to a new machine.

Do note that in some cases, it may not be possible to recover data from a machine that is damaged fully. Nevertheless, you can count on us to do our best to recover all data.

If you need to transfer data to a new computer, as well as set it up, we can do it for you. From removing trial software to performing OS updates and installing anti-virus software, we'll do it all!

How it works

At FoneBox, we're here to make data transfer easy and cost-effective for you. Our technicians are incredibly tech-savvy and knowledgeable, and they'll have all your data transferred efficiently and effectively.

Just drop by our store with your machines and our technicians will take a look at what needs to be done. We'll offer you a free, no obligation quote and you can decide on whether to proceed or not. In most cases, we'll have your data transferred on the same day as you bring your computer to us. In some exceptional cases, this may take longer - but we'll do our best to return your machine as soon as we can.

Our computer repair services are also backed by a warranty so that you can rest assured.

We're your best bet for dependable and affordable data transfer services in Bedford. Visit us today!

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